Anni 20

Garage Bassi anni 20

Garage Bassi celebrates 92 years… it’s not seem at all! We are the third generation with Dino and David Bassi, who lead the family business maintains the historical headquarters in Via di Camollia. The commercial history of the family Bassi begins in 1922 with the transport service Alberto Bassi through carts and elegant carriages connecting Val di Farma Chiusdino with Siena. The sons Emilio, Dino and Antonio Bassi in 1922 realized, from ancient piazzetta with some porticos for carriage, a coverage and a façade, creating the Garage Bassi.

la storia2

Brothers Bassi’s adventure begins starting importing Ford cars from the United States thanks to Emilio, interpreter and tourist guide, who start using the service of car rental with driver among important clients like the King of Italy.
After few years receive from Vittorio Lancia, the commission to bring into the territory of the province of Siena,  new and luxurious motorcars.A complicated enterprise considering Torino and Rho seemed far from Siena at that time, also because the Chassis of the cars were withdrawn and after the various samples examined by the buyers, than finally che new Lancia were assemblated in all it parts: body, wheels and the accessories.

la storia5

At the time garage Bassi worked on all the daily use of the motorcars, change pneumatics, restocking of fuels, washings everything that the customer need. Many teams of mechanics were formed year by year, making their way, opening their activities in a strong synergic legacy.

la storia6

The Garage Bassi with Lanfranco and Alberto added the workshop, starting sell SUV. From 1898, after dismiss the selling center and the workshop, th Garage is focused as a garage,  car valet parking and car washing services, guarantees with the experience and reliability of over 90 years of activity.

La prima vespa 001-001

The difficulties of the war, left some signs to the garage we reach the years ’50 when brothers Dino and Antonio Bassi bring to Siena the Piaggio and the mythical Vespa, for the first time, in license up to 1964 when the family, widened by the second generation with Lanfranco and Alberto sons of Dino and Lando and Remo sons of Antonio, decided to enlarge the activity that was grown already a lot both in the city with other garage and in the province.