Our services

The services we offert to our customers, besides to leave your veichle in the historical center of Siena, are car valet parking and car washing. More than 90 years of activity give us all the experience to satisfy your needs in the best way.

Our Services


Car valet parking is a service designed to eliminate your need to park your own vehicles. You drive to a designated area and the driver receives a ticket identifying your vehicle. A responsible driver employed or contracted by the venue will then drive the car to Garage Bassi. When you are ready to leave, a valet coordinator will retrieve the matching car keys and a driver returns the vehicle.

Parking in the amazing Siena can prove problematic. Inclement weather can turn the walk from the car to the venue into a messy affair, ruining expensive clothing and shoes of your holiday. There may not be enough available parking near the restaurant or hotel, meaning a long walk through city streets.


Your car will shining more than when you left it!

Our garage also provided the take care of your veichle with car and moto wash service in all the aspects, including inside tapestry, for effort the most shining, efficient and comfortable to face in the best way your next destinations or to go to an elegant event.


The passion for the autos of garage Bassi lasts from more than ninety years, for this reason we are the ideal solution to take care of your vehicle and of its maintenance.
While your vehicle will be secure in our garage, completely equipped, we can carry out to the service of internal and external washing so you will find it better than ever.


We take care of you.

The Garage Bassi’s passion for cars begin more than 90 years ago, this is the reason why we are the best solution to take care of your veichle and its maintenance.

While your veichle is on our cover garage we can take care of it with our cleaning service, interior and exterior to give you back your veichle in the best conditions.